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Evil Inside (1999)Edit

The Shizit - Evil Inside

Evil Inside

  1. My Machine
  2. 32-bit Whore
  3. Post Human
  4. P.O.S.
  5. Random Acts of Freedom
  6. Audio Jihad
  7. Audio Jihad (Sonic Ruin Mix)
  8. Green Lacer Wins
  9. Gak Bitch

Script Kiddie (2000)Edit

The Shizit - Script Kiddie

Script Kiddie

  1. My Machine
  2. 32-bit Whore
  3. Random Acts of Freedom
  4. Green Lacer Wins
  5. Gak Bitch
  6. Herdcore (Demo Version)
  7. Point Click Kill (Demo Version)
  8. Gak Bitch (Circuit Fu©k Mix)

Soundtrack for the Revolution (2001)Edit

The Shizit - Soundtrack For The Revolution

Soundtrack For The Revolution

  1. Pain Compliance
  2. Audio Jihad II
  3. Cold Naked Protest
  4. Spit AK
  5. Soundtrack for the Revolution
  6. AntiCulture
  7. Econobeing
  8. I Walk Through Walls
  9. Herdcore
  10. Dear Government
  11. Point Click Kill
  12. Firewall

The Shizit (2009)Edit

The Shizit - The Shizit

The Shizit

After its initial free release online, JP Anderson was sent a cease & desist letter by former band member Brian Shrader, preventing him from using the Shizit name for any releases without his participations. The free download was immediately re-released under the modified moniker of The Named.

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