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Long Day, Short Night

This song is by The Shirelles and appears on the album Lost & Found (1995).

This song has been covered by Dionne Warwick under the title "Long Day, Short Night".
It's been a long day, short night
Well I can hardly wait
Until we had our date
It's been a long, long, long day
And then we meet at last
The hours passed so fast
It was a short, short night

The moment when I'm alone with you
That's when all of my wishes
And all of my dreams come true
But time waits for no one
When there's so much love here in my heart
Honey, why we had to part?

It's been a long day, short night
I need to love so much
That when we're out of touch
It's a long, long, long day
But will you marry me
Each night of love will be
A very short, short night


Music by:

Burt Bacharach

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