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Hide Away

This song is by The Shags.

Hide away
And don't say what you've done
Hide away
And don't say where you've gone

Your misery is all your own
You don't know how to face
The truth of life that you're alone
You can't keep up the faith

I tried to make you realize the price you'll have to pay
You'll run around until you've found a place to hide away

Can't you see
There's time for you and me
There's no way
For you to hide away

So hide away
I won't look for you
Hide away
Baby, we are through

I've given up all hope for you
I've tried to make you see
That I'm the one who cares for you
But it can never be

You lost your chance and can't believe
The things you've heard me say
And in your mind you'll never find
A place to hide away

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