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Run Down The Day

This song is by The Seedy Seeds and appears on the album Verb Noun (2011).

Not for a minute not for a single moment no
We don't hang on we don't belong to what became of once ago
We look ahead we are ahead we know what's going to come up ahead

If there's time between time I know it will pass
Before too long I'll be up and gone and getting on with the everlast
We've got it all, and this place is ours I know it is

Until the day is done
Got swallowed by the sun
Don't hold on
It's all right to let it slide
We will never die

Oh and we did wait to come of age to come into this
We're doing more than what came before more than what we already did
But I never worry, we never age, we just start up again

So at the end a repetend let's keep it simple and get on with
Some things are greater and some lesser that's just it
The circuit; we run it down we're runners

We are without concern
The charge to return
It will come

Expecting of a taste
On the next day
It will come

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