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This song is by The Second Sight and appears on the album Life Wrote It Down (1997).

Here's the
Weekend finally
No more working
For two days in a row
I'm gonna meet
My friends and party
Watch our dust
Cause here we go

For years
We've been doing this
Hell, we're not
Getting any younger
And for how much
Longer can we do this
How many years
I wonder

Life itself
Is wonderful
What we made
It out to be
It isn't wonderful
We're trapped
In a vicious cycle
Seems to me

There must be
Something else
To life than this
A lifetime long
It's eat work and sleep
The thought of it
Makes me weep

So, the week's work
Is done I'm going home
To meet with my friends
Doing the weekend-routine
Man, how will it all end?

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