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Think About Change

This song is by The Second Sight and appears on the album Everything Is Broken (1998).

There are too many different people
With too many different religions and beliefs
There are too many problem-makers, moneymakers
Going through life with hatred and grief

Here we are trying to be oh so different
To make a change, to make a point
To prove that we can do it if we try
And rip this joint apart

Think about the children of the world
All of us, big and small
Think about the change that's got to come
Or else we're gonna fall

There are too many madmen on the run
With too many different reasons for what they've done
Many children crying, too many of them dying
It seems like all hope is long gone

Here we are worrying and thinking
Discussing the facts and what to do
Afterwards we all go out drinking
Knowing our planet is a zoo

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