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Something's In The Air

This song is by The Second Sight and appears on the album Life Wrote It Down (1997).

Springtime's in the air
Though it's still deep-set winter
Well, the weather has been strange
The last few years
Why not stranger this time?

Something's in the air
And I feel like driving
The slim roads and tight curves
Of the mountains around
Playing some cool music

Something's in the air
The sun is blinding me
I feel so light, so light so easy
There's so much to see

Springtime's in the air
Though winter just arrived
Two weeks ago
What will we pass on to our children?
I guess we really don't know

Something's in the air
The flood is here and everywhere
Gotta get into my car and drive off
Before it's too late

Before I'm flooded
And buried alive down here
There's nothing more
Than to stay forever here I fear
I have waited for this moment
For such a long time
This chance is mine

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