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Devil's Hand

This song is by The Second Sight and appears on the album Life Wrote It Down (1997).

It's a white room, all in red light
Centered by a pink French bed
The door almost too small to be a door
And the vegetation is wild
A warm atmosphere, a spider on the window pane
Here they're lying so in love
Yes love can be so wonderful
If it's all you have to think of

There's a pleasant silence soothing the room
And the thought of eternal love
So here we have a bride and a groom
And they don't seem to get enough
Of each other of each other
The word is love another, sister, brother

There's a soft breeze going south
And the window's still open some bum's pissing
On the window-sill but they lie still
"Darling", he says, "My head is heavy"
"Darling", she says, "I'm exhausted too"
And the spider awakes, and the bum is done
This thing ain't in the devil's hand

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