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This song is by The Second Sight and appears on the album Everything Is Broken (1998).

It's cold outside
She ain't got no home
Still freezing ain't everything
When she's got nothing to eat
She is a homeless woman, that makes it worse
She's a victim to men's moods
She knows very well
The feel of kicking boots

It's a cold world we created
It's a cold world we live in

It's cold outside
He just lost his wife and kids
Now he's trying to drown the pain with booze
Ain't nobody to talk to
Ain't nobody to touch
Ain't got nothing but confusion
Of that way too much

It's cold outside
The kid is crying
Daddy's drunk again
Now he's beating up mom again
The kid wishes he had a gun
He'd pull the trigger and daddy would be gone
He's starving for love and harmony
Something he knows, he'll never see

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