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​Ride My Mountain (Jade)

This song is by The Savage Rose and appears on the album In The Plain (1968).

On my right hand
There's been quiet
On my left side
I've seen your land
A door slams
Or is it just
A shot by chance
The shiny day
Heals the insane
And you turn
Water into wine
Have you forgotten
About Jade?

Ride my mountain
I shall receive you
Ride m mountain
I shall receive you

Never out of breath
Always singing the song
About when it's all gone
When your babe's fetched by death
Your babe's crying
"Mercy, dear Mama!"
You bend over her bed
She's so near to death
Gently you ask her
"Will you remember
About Jade?"

Ride my mountain...

Where have you gone
My love, where are you?
Around the house anew
Or just behind the sun?
But under my feet
Down by the ground
Over my head
Up to the top
I won't forget:
Do you remember
About Jade?

Jade has come to stay
With a new face again
So I'll ride my mountain
'Cause you've been away
You can follow
The moon
You can hide
Like a spoon
But I know that my sheep
Are gonna weep
And I
Am gonna cry
So get your horse
And get you dressed
Upon the streets
Of ivory
We want to see
Your good sides
And your bad sides
Don't you remember
About Jade?

Ride my mountain...