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​Working Overtime

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Everybody Knows The Monkey (1998).

Well I've been working overtime
I've been putting in the hours
Now I'm running out of time
And I'm running out of reasons
I can't even see the words
Or the page on which they're written
And I'm running out of time
Running out of time

I got a date to burn that midnight oil
I got a back seat drivers view
I'm a machine in a factory
An abandoned point of view
I'm a cavalier in the junkyard
The brutalized other side of you
And we're running out time
Running out of time

Everybody's committing suicide
You can do it in installments
You don't have to put any money down
Just leave your soul in the vestibule
Have a nice day we'll take good care of you
You're a welcome guest in the corporate zoo
So have a good time now

Some things are so automatic
No one notices the tragedy
It's a short ride to disaster
Up in the morning and off to work again.