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​Waiting For God (Oh!)

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Spit The Blues Out (2002).

I was waiting for god on the corner outside the bordello
He was inside drinking wine underneath the piano
And with bloodshot weary eyes
The audience was mesmerized
His trick with the fish had them rolling in the aisles

Stinking of gin I crept to the foot of the altar
Having tasted the bread, I wasn't sure of what would come after
And then before my eyes
Water became wine
So sodden with drink and unable to think I surrendered

So the mystery
Naked and meaningless
Confronts me as I slip away
In the delirium
Savage and tedious
The blood gets drunk and we go home

Stalling for time I decide to deride my companion
He gets distracted once more by a convenient whore with a footbath
Then before my eyes
He disappears and I am left in the dark
Feeling shagged and none the wiser

I want to get paid the wages of sin...