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​Idiot Blues

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Permanent Revolution (1991).

I got success on my mind
She's a pretty nice girl
She is not being unkind
Got me a brand new pair of walking shoes
I'm all slicked back
And got nothin' to lose
I got friends who live in the jungle
Lost themselves in the worthless tangle
Each of them is a rolling stone
And all of them own their own homes
Now some roll left and some roll right
And some of them can't sleep at night
Uh huh... they got the idiot blues...
Me I'm gonna rattle my own pots and pans
And take me off to the distant land
I hope this land don't go up in smoke
And if I go that I don't go broke
There is some time left to contemplate
So I'll put my meat right on the plate
I'll put that plate right on the train
That can carry me back to the promised land
I got the idiot blues...