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Blown Away

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Howling (1996).

I woke up this morning at the usual time
I could have sworn there were tears in my eyes
I rolled out of bed
I rearranged my head
It don't seem to make a difference anyhow
But today, I'll try to drag myself upright
I put on my shoes and walk to the door
But before I get outside

All my words get blown away
Yeah all my words get blown away
Lately I've found I've taken to walking around
With a permanent cloud hanging over me
I got lost on the back roads
Been making the wrong turns I've been fooling myself by degrees
I've been drinking a bitter wine been slipping down mountains
I've fallen under a curse
And sometimes I rise in the middle of the night
I scream but nothing gets heard

Of the three kinds of luck I could have written the book
And bled between every line
Every word from every doomed poem doesn't feel like much use to me now
And too late she cries I can't wait forever
I mumble an answer I listen for the crash of the storm from the other side

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