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​Down With US

This song is by The S.T.O.P. Movement.

There's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
When the sins of the father fall on the son
The bigger the problem, the bigger the gun
And you don't wanna know what your government's done (sample: whoop, whoop)
'Cause the Taliban was down with US
Saddam Hussein was down with US (US)
South Africa was down with US (down with US)
And y'all wonder why the whole world don't trust...

Tray Deee
You keep us handcuffed, chained and enslave us
We might gang bang but y'all the real fuckin' gangstas
Hanged us and raped us and chased us and maced us
So I don't give a mad fuck if the shit flame up
We ain't benefitin', win, lose or draw
When they swear to protect us but abuse the law
Claim equality, their policy to fool us all
While the military steady stay movin' raw
(Stay where?) in the ghetto

No war, when people all around us are starving and homeless
What is Bush focused on? must be his father's old grudges
The schools need money man they fuckin' off the budgets
No more Tomahawks and penitentiaries
The devil's propaganda creates enemies
Now they pump pumpin' war in the middle east
And this shit got me thinking who's really the beast

People always talking 'bout gangsta rap
Now Bush talking 'bout "where all my gangstas at", somebody call Don King
Bush and Saddam need to take it to the ring and do the damn thing
They already talking about rebuildin' they cities
I roll around the hood and shit still look shitty
It's all about the loot, grab your gun and shoot
Peace to my brother Will and the rest of the troops

The temperature's rising, about to boil
I'm not bamboozled, it's all about the oil
I sit back and watch they plots and schemes
Tangled up strings to a puppet regime
So now it's on who like, what, where, when
Get your mind right, I truly recommend
To much information: CNN
They told me that Bush trained Bin
A deadly combination to a wicked quest
And it's true that the rooster comes home to nest (echoes)

Prodigy (sample)
There's a war goin' on outside

I just can't understand but then again I do
Nor God forgive a nigger for the sin I do
Soopa not stupid I can read the signs
What evil defines a motherfucker out for wealth
And ways of stealth, bombers
Fake talk to calm us down, we can't rise when the fall is now
Innocent die, enormous rounds fall out the sky
From an army hell bound and headed by one clown

Everlast, Soopafly, Light
There's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
When the sins of the father fall on the son
The bigger the problem, the bigger the gun

Cu' look rude bwoy at what da government's done
Outta de trenches, jump ova fences
Clear park benches, who wanna test dis?
Light is here bwoy, ready fi teach
Put me life 'pon de line, di youth dem want eat
Beat back dem all, outta control
Paint di White House in a red, green an' gold
Fling out George Bush an' let de good times roll (Daz: yeah)
An' teach all di youth dem what's neva been told

Daz Dillinger
What is the world coming to, true domination
Frustration war over someone's altercation
My motivation towards peace, the violence needs to cease
(But how can you say that when you goin' throughout the streets?)
It's defense between suckers and buster
A child and his mother but what can I say towards the other
Daz is down with the movement telling them let's do this
For the people, for ourselves, we gotta stay true to what we believe in
It's true world domination, for all colors and all other races
Now what I see Bush, they after the oil
It's a big dope sack for him and his father to bubble

Bad Azz
I declare war and you have the right to bear arms
But, no weapons of mass destruction (what?)
Who are you to tell me what size bombs I can drop
When my enemies threaten me with harm
When Saddam bet, they violated the rules of war
There's no rules to killing and dying therefore
Fuck y'all, I ain't fightin' it's their war
I ain't dying over there on that land that's their soil

Rakaa Iriscience
War is life, yes, and war is death
War don't decide who's right but who's left
I fight everyday so I ain't spittin' on soldiers
But this war's for oil, for religion and culture
Big business dollars and family honor
Half world domination, half family drama
The media just turned Saddam to Osama
Rakaa I., A Salam Alaikum = peace be upon us

Peace, ain't no peace, the killing ain't cease
As long as you're yelling "peace", I'm gonna carry my piece
Miss America oh say can you see in front of you
I'm a westside gang related POW
Chillin' with fellas where it ain't all good
And justice and equality ain't never been in the hood
Catch me guzzling Gin while y'all are down to free Iraq
I'm down to free homies out the pen

Hook: Everlast

And so it goes, on the brink
Our lives, like granules of sand
Through the hour glass
Do YOU know what time it is?
That's the question

Mac Minister
FredWreck gun'em down!
Ain't no Viet Cong ever called me "nigger"
But you wanna put me in the middle of the desert and tell me to squeeze the trigger
On my sand niggers, I ain't the one, I'm the other one
You give me a gun, George Bush better run
I'm a motherfuckin' SAG, a "space age gangsta"
I ain't no motherfuckin' prankster, I'm ready to gun'em down
Fuck'em and feed'em fish with the little sharp bones and hope they choke
The White House is the crack house, Uncle Sam is the gunning man
The black man gotta stop and take a stand
I declare war, votes don't matter no more
How the fuck did Bush get into office when my niggas elected Gore?!