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This song is by The Rugburns and appears on the album Taking The World By Donkey (1995).

I like carpet and I like grass
I don't know what I'd lay on last
If I had my choice, I'd lay on you
Oh, mama

I like you, you are free
When we're apart I'm just not me
I'm like a chicken pot pie without the peas
Oh, mama

I like your car it is fast
I love it in the back when you grab my ass
I want to heat you up like a greasy bowl of chili
My mama, my mama, my mama

You're so invigorating
I lose my inspiration
I sit here masturbating
Oh mama, my mama, my mama, my mama
Play it, honcho

I like art, it is fun
In the museum we got to hang us one
I want to hang you up on my wall like a crucifix
Mama, my mama, my mama, my ma-ma-ma-ma-mama

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