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Not Just Another Pretty Face

This song is by The Rubinoos and appears on the album Basement Tapes - Studio Demos Circa 1980-1981 (1993).

T. Dunbar-J. Dunbar

I've seen a lot of posers dancing in their fancy styles
I've been through all of those girls with all their feminine wiles
But you weren't all that easy
Not so quick to please me
You put me to the test, oh yeah

You're not just another, not like any other
You're not just another, another pretty face

You didn't need to flaunt it, cause you had it for sure
You had something I wanted, something I couldn't ignore
So I made my mind up, that I was going to wind up
Knowing all about you, uh-huh

People think it's strange to see the change that I've been through
But I don't wanna run around
'Cause none of those girls come close, not to you

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