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The Way Of Love

This song is by The Rubettes and appears on the album Wear It's 'At (1974).

Another day, another night
Another wrong, another right
But it's only just the way of love

A little faith, a little hope
The will to live, the strength to cope
Yes it's only just the way of love

Nobody's sure which move to make
The rules are easy
You give before you take
Don't make it hard no need to fuss
Love belongs to all of us
One day you're up
One day you're down
But don't you worry or wear a frown
'Cause it's only just the way of love

All of us know we need a friend
Someone to cling to until
Our love light ends
So don't you cry when things are rough
Love will be there just soon enough
It's such a joy to be around
You'll understand it once you have found
That it's only just the way of love.

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