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Rock'N'Roll Survival

This song is by The Rubettes and appears on the album Wear It's 'At (1974).

I was such a pleasant child till rock and roll
Took away my peace of mind and my self control
Soon I was so sure that I was God's great gift to a generation
I was surely bound to be a star

I bought myself a fender and a super twin
Toughened up my vocal chords with Gordons gin
Played around for months and never made the news
Soon I had the rock and roll survival blues

I drove around from gig to gig in a rusty van
Dreaming of a limousine and a livery man
I simply couldn't understand why I was still the local standby
When I was heaven made to be a star

The years went by and still I'm on the same old scene
Never getting the publicity machine
Now I knew what they meant about paying your dues
'Cause I had the rock and roll survival blues

The years went by the bands went by and I played on
I could not understand where I was going wrong
So I split from the music city
And went to school in a northern backroom
Just sat down and learned myself the blues

Then I made a record and now here I am
I don't know how it happened but who gives a damn
I only know I love you now you got the news

Rock and roll survival blues...

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