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Let Us Go

This song is by The Rosebuds and appears on the album Birds Make Good Neighbors (2005).

You call yourself
But I'm all worn out
(Just let us go now)
Come on out back
(But baby, it's wet out here)
And I can't relax
(Let us go)
The crowd has left
(Far from home lovers)
And they heard our hearts
(Were they in time?)
Now we'll drive all night
(No questions for miles)
And miles, I swear
And we are calm, and I promise from now on
We'll leave this town alone
And I have a furnace in my chest
It'll burn to get us home in time for fall
'Cause we're all worn out
(Beautiful summer)
And we'll drive all night
(We have a plan now)
So just relax
(No questions for miles)
And miles, I swear
Let us go

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