The Roots:Game Theory (2006)

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Album by The Roots.
  1. Dilltastic Vol Won(derful)
  2. False Media
  3. Game Theory (featuring Malik B)
  4. Don't Feel Right (featuring Maimouna Youssef)
  5. In The Music (featuring Malik B and P.O.R.N.)
  6. Take It There (featuring Wadud Ahmad)
  7. Baby (featuring John-John)
  8. Here I Come (featuring Dice Raw and Malik B)
  9. Long Time (featuring Peedi Peedi and Bunny Sigler)
  10. Livin' in a New World (featuring John-John)
  11. Clock with No Hands (featuring Mercedez Martinez)
  12. Atonement (featuring Jack Davey)
  13. Can't Stop This
  14. Bread and Butter (featuring Truck North) (UK, Japan, iTunes bonus track)
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