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Look What You've Done

This song is by The Rolling Stones and appears on the album December's Children (And Everybody's) (1965) and on the compilation album Genuine Black Box 1961-1974 (2010).

This song is a cover of "Look What You've Done" by Muddy Waters.
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Now look what you've done
Now look what you've done
Look what you've done, baby
Now look what you've done

You left me here
The lonely one
And all I can say
Is look what you've done

A broken heart
A worried mind
Because of you, baby
Dying all the time

I once had a dream
But now I've none
You're taking your love
And see what it done

I saw you last night
Out moving round
With your new toy
You paint the town

That is okay
You're having your fun
Because someday
They call you done

And now your bird cries
The shadow falls
Gloomy memories
And I recall

Your love is my life
As warm as the sun
But now it is gone
And see what it done


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