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Full Moon In Pisces

This song is by The Rodchester Kings and appears on the album ...And in Closing (1991).

On Monday it always rains
Or at least it has for as long as I can remember
Some things you can try and change
But Christmas will always be in December

People can talk about you
But it doesn't mean that they know anything
It just depends how far you'll go
To prove them wrong

Just take the entire bottle

I'm no truth-sayer
I'm no modern medicine-man in society
I just put down what I know
And all I know is what I see

So how far will you take it
And how much will it mean to you
If everything comes together
And somehow I happen to follow through

Somehow I happen to follow

I remember October trips across the sea
And the night that she gave in to me
I dreamed a dream of days and endless nights
Autumn leaves and candlelight
Of faith in Heaven as is his right
If he can change his ways
If he can change his way

You are my prison and I am doing life
Forget and lose the key

I am a part of you
I always have been
I always will be

Like the Pegasus, the World in the palm of his hands
Like sunshine for a blind man
If he can change his ways
If he can change his way


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