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Miss You

This song is by The Rocking Horse Winner and appears on the album Horizon (2002).

At 1 AM I'm home while writing you
It's almost winter
But it's warmer then June
With only 5 hours away from here
And a trip I'm looking forward to
I think I might be seeing you soon
(Seeing you soooooon)

That morning I woke up on Sunday
Next to tree tops
Off of orange, across the way
Happy Birthday
I'm happy that you're here with me
A home with only the two of us
There's no other place I'd rather be
(I'd rather beeeee)

I've said it all
Every word I mean
And I just want you back
I miss you

So wherever you're at
(Wherever your at)
I'll make you see
(I will make you see)
That I just want you back
I miss you

Since I've met you it's all seemed right
Now I'm longing for the November night...

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