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From Miles Away

This song is by The Rocking Horse Winner and appears on the album State Of Feeling Concentration (2001).

With every touch I melt into the snow. can you feel it?
From rooftops see where dreams will lead.
Another life far from here, see it in your eyes, the stars lie there.
Can you fly with me?
Through this cosmic collision. super nova.
When two hearts collide, shining from inside.
I feel it, in every word you say.
You'll be my star.
Just like a stellar transmission from miles away.
So take a ride with me out there.
Leave it all behind.
A December dream started with you.
Can you hear me calling you?
Fall into your arms.
Take you away from here.
Super. nova. quiet.
Hold on. breathe in. exhale.
Can you feel it?
Steady. in motion fly.
Can you feel us?
We're about to super nova.

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