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You're the One

This song is by The Roches and appears on the album A Dove (1992) and on the album Will You Be My Friend? (1994).

You're the love
Of my-life

Is there any way I can
Get to see you
Have a cup of coffee maybe
Somethin' like that
I was in a maze of buildings
Runnin' all around like a rat
In the miWle of the night

All of those years that I got
Lost without you
Tracking the equator all the
Way to the north pole
Looking for a home or dead
End to this longing in my soul

Honey you were my friend
If the truth be told

I can understand though if you
Don't remember
All you have to do is say the
Word and l'll go
This is just a dream that I've been
Holding onto God I don't know
It's so hard to let it come

You're the one
That I want

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