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The Anti-Sex Backlash Of The 80's

This song is by The Roches and appears on the album Speak (1989).

O god gilbert
When you said that
I'm afraid I'll have to jump across the gorge
Like in this book I'm reading
When you read it back
You need a painkiller
But I m sober
Stuck on some thought I can t express
I saw a part of you that was threatening to me
And I felt that I was messing in it
That fundamental problem with being friends
Some people around here
Can watch punky brewster
And that s about it
I probably would have been a little bored
Waiting for that one comment
That ruins everything
But it is all subconsciously being said
If you are a sexist pig
Then I have got to dislike you
For the rest of my life
I will have to listen
To certain devastating things
For the rest of my life

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