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Yesterdays Fools

This song is by The Revolvers and appears on the album A Tribute To Cliches (2002).

Pictures on my body
Remember the past
Good times so funny
We never wanted to took the rest

We always looked for some action
The drugs promised fun
Too much speed along the line
Made me paranoid and not that I'll be strong

Got no excuse for all the things I've done
The only reason was fun, fun, fun
Got no excuse for every mistake
And now it is too late

We tried to smash the system
We needed riot at all
We went to a lot of demonstrations
Till everybody could hear our call

I had sympathy for terrorism
I felt like a red
I believed in a lot of ideas
And in my heart punk's still not dead

And now is too late
No, it's never too late

Now you're sleeping your days away
There is nothing more to say
My yesterday's heroes
The old farts of today

Take your age as a lame excuse
Call all the other guys, yesterdays fools
But you're the fool, you're the one
Remember the things you're done when you were young


Written by:

Claes Uwe

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