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Shorty's Lament

This song is by The Residents and appears on the compilation album Louisiana's Lick (1995).

Once, there was a Willie and he could see
That there was a Shorty and he could see
You could, you could tell that Shorty
Wouldn't always be short, so he said

"Protect yourself, Shorty, protect yourself"
Once the fever finds your soul
Something else will take control
Something dark and from a bowl
Something says to me

But it can be indiscreet
And you tend to overheat
O'er the taste of soft and sweet
Something says to me

What can you do when something falls?
Walls close from somewhere, close from nowhere, like eyes
Can't, can't think clearly, I can't think
But I can't think clearly

Believe maybe you can, maybe you can help me
Bill, no, Willie, Willie, can you, doggone it, can you, Bill?
Can you, Will? Maybe Jay? No, no, he's, bye, Jay, bye

I've got this light behind my eyes
And believe me, it tells me what, what to do
But I doubt it, it says that if you can't win
Then there's no way you can lose

If nature hates both a vacuum then the vacuum cleaner too
Then it laughs, I don't know what this means
What can I do? I don't know

Love is, love is, love is, ah
Love is, love is, love is, ah
Love is, love is, love is, ah

Love is expectation
Love is explanation
Love is exploitation, ah

Somebody's getting somebody happy
Love is complication
Love is consummation
Love is concentration, ah

Oh, goddamn it, I can't
Love is obligation
Love is insulation
Love is stimulation, ah

It's always, 'have a good weekend'
Love is ruination
Love is accusation
Love is navigation, ah

Is anybody, is anybody driving?
Someone's gotta be, somebody driving?
I can't drive, I'm not, is anybody driving?

Somebody must be driving
Is anybody, is anybody driving?
Is anybody driving at all?


Written by:

Homer Flynn Iii; Hardy Winfred Fox

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