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The Death March

This song is by The Raven Age and appears on the EP The Raven Age (2014).

In the cold of winter's fall
They planned to captivate us all
They would work us till our bones
Were broken and our souls followed

I met a man who saved my life
Till this day I don't know why
He would smuggle gifts sent for me
That would buy my life some time

Walking there were thousands of us
Nothing like you've seen before
With the ice beneath us, feet were frozen
And our clothes were torn
But it would be a cold day in hell before I fall

In their dark and sunken eyes
Hope and humanity had died
All the feeling and emotion in them had been cauterized

You gave me something to believe in
When the end was not in sight
As I drifted into darkness you provided me with light

Maybe I'll let the heavens take me
And save me from this life
Or is that giving up too easy
I cannot let them win the fight
Another life awaiting me
I see the finish line
Nothing can stop me from living
The Death March claims me no more

They're turning ordinary people into lifeless ghostly shadows
And I was powerless to stop them
Spreading death amongst us all

Still I can dream of a place far from here
Where we eat and we sleep never living in fear

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