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Eye Among the Blind

This song is by The Raven Age and appears on the EP The Raven Age (2014).

Is it just me or am I thinking too freely
There's something running through my head that shouldn't be
I cannot speak aloud what I'm really feeling
I close my eyes try to believe these stories

Deep down there's something telling me
A false sense of security

As we adhere to all these things that you're preaching
Are you so sure of all these things that you're teaching
Uncertainty won't let me stand up against it
But all this seems to cause is war and hatred

You're all too ignorant to see
It's all for power and for greed
You are the puppets on the strings

It's time to wake up from these force fed lies
No chance for choices when they shield your eyes
Don't let me be the only one who sees
Because I'm the eye among the blind

When people sacrifice their loved ones for honour
There's nothing honourable in cold blooded murder
Relentless chaos and destruction in god's hands
Can't help but think is this really his plan?

Deep down there's something telling me
A false sense of security

How will I ever win this fight
So many on the other side
They're controlling all your minds
And no one hears me cry

Think of children born and left
All hopes and dreams bereft
The effects of a whole civilization blinded
Put your trust in all divine
Blaming all your brothers
Never knowing if wrong or right
Praying for the answers

When it comes down to real life
Where to point the finger
You're all pointing to the sky
Claiming for the greater

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