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This song is by The Rainmakers and appears on the album Flirting With The Universe (1994).

Takin' in the sights from my window seat
From the Third World poor to the land of the free
Back at home it's tony night in Tinseltown you know it
Don't mean nothin' to the down and out

From my window
Window to the world
From my window
Window to the world

Some people born with a Bible in their hand
Spend their life and money lookin' for the promised land
Some people only know what they see on TV
Some people say it's just part of the plan

Lookin' out my window on a busy street below
Three in the morning someone somewhere's takin' a blow
The girls move in circles and the drunks spin in loops
There's a jinxed walk to nowhere that the dealers do
And it's a tightrope
Just don't look down
Every day in life we're walkin' that shadow line

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