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​Let My People Go-Go

This song is by The Rainmakers and appears on the album The Rainmakers (1986).

Father, son, holy cow

Moses went up to the mountain high
To find out from God why did you make us why
Secret words in a secret room
He said a womp bop a lu bop a lop bam boom

I did not put you here to suffer
I did not put you here to whine
I put you here to love one another
And to get out and have a good time now now now

Let my people go-go-go
You gotta let my people go-go-go
Let my people go-go-go
You gotta Let my people go

Joshua fit de battle of Jerico
He tell the boys with the horns get down and blow
They rear back aim they bells at the stars
And said beat me big daddy eight to the bar

Jesus went out for a walk with his mother
The scribes and the pharisees plotting hugger-mugger
They locked him up and they threw away the key
He said why's everybody always picking on me?