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30 Days

This song is by The Rainmakers and appears on the album The Good News And The Bad News (1989).

Thirty days has September
April, June and county jails
Thirty days, maybe, I can remember
Just where I went wrong, just where I failed

Warden Love, he locked me up and
Threw away the key
And sentenced me to teavy thinking
For thirty days, thirty days

There was a time when I did believe that
I could recall every day I had lived
But then that joyride became a landslide
And I got buried alive in here

I used to wake up and face each moring
Time, it was nothing I'd ever want to kill
But now the first day of every month's just
Another paycheck and a bunch of bills

For thirty days, I am a prisoner
In thirty days, I'm an escapee
For I shall tunnel out of all this trouble
I shall be free in thirty days

Well, it's been a bad month, my friend
And last month was not so hot, either
The wind got knocked out of my life
And I don't want to fight, I just want, I just want a breather
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ah huh
Wa huh
Wa huh

So God created the Earth and heaven
In only seven days, they say
And on that seventh day he rested
But I heard it another way

I heard that he got drunk and lonely
Created trouble, left town alone
Each thirty days he shoots out the full moon
Just to remind us we're on our own

Thirty days has September
And I could use a day or two
For life's a mystery I shall remember
Without a clue for thirty days
For life's a mystery I shall remember
For thirty days, thirty days

Thirty days (thirty days)
Thirty days (thirty days)
Thirty days
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Thirty days (thirty days)
Thirty days (thirty days)
Thirty days
I'm going to think it all for thirty days


Written by:

Bob Walkenhorst

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