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The Ballad of Stuart Morley

This song is by The Quickening.

Yes! This is it, this is all that there is and ever will be; of this I'm sure... I'm not quite sure. Hope our desire
Is just another word; more subtle and beautiful, see our hopes as void, and we will have more than we
Hope for (yeah!) Ownership's owning you, and it's dragging you down. And the sense overwhelming;
Tethered to the sound. When we wake up we'll take our heads out of our arse. This party is fucking over;
Drink among the last. On the other side of everything; embers in the dark. When the effort costs your all;
It's there that you will start. Blessed, blessed are we on the graves of the dead. The road's hard to
Traverse but, oh, the rest: silent, eternal. Sold to the gods for the price of your life, subjugate yourself to
An ideal forevermore. Process: desire! We're living for objectives, fantasies, ideals from door to door!

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