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Conjurer of Cheap Trick

This song is by The Quickening.

Today I felt the world falling away: all the questions disintegrate; within the void all is contained; the
Fallacy of time and space. Atop the sunlit rock Siddharta sits with Gatorade and cigarettes. Beneath the
Same within the stream, island of reeds surveys the dream, from places no one has been. And on the
Banks, she found him there; the kiss; the wound, all others dare but to borrow off her beauty. Beloved
Son submerged and cool, fractals of light in tea tree pools, black Jesus and the Baptist... slowly, from
Darkness, it's unfurling the hand within the heart, concepts fail to grasp it. Explosive Cheshire grins and
Symmetry extend beyond periphery. And though the days of memory; translucent waves upon the sea; I
Can still feel it linger in me. The blazing gun locks eyes with mine, two men of fire step out of time and
Throw the shackles off their minds. The wind through wheat fields pushes you; keen intellect pursues the
Truth: don't let your truth become your idol.

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