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Canto III - The Visions of Eternity

This song is by The Psychedelic Ensemble and appears on the album The Myth of Dying (2010).

Where do I go now?
Before me lie a million stars
Different visions of eternity

Which path do I travel on?
Each leading to another space
Tunnels to different realities

Where do I belong?
I'm lost inside eternity
Where is my place in infinity?

"Let the visions pass through your mind
Like the clouds passing through open skies"

Tens of thousands stars
In colors that I've never seen
Light the blackness of eternity

And there among the stars
A haunting black sun calls to me
Tempting me toward its reality

"Just remember as you fly
Beyond the light
Let your mind resist the path
Of darkest sight
If you travel to the star
Blacker than night
In a breath you can rejoin
The brilliant light"

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