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Look What You've Done

This song is by The Pozo-Seco Singers and appears on the album I Can Make It With You (1967).

Hey! Look what you've done
Look what you've done.
You've taken away
Hmmm, mmmmm
The warm, yellow sun
The warm yellow sun.

And left me alone in a world
A lonely world
Meant for lovin' you, girl!

How I miss your lovin' feelin'
Your sweet kiss, and that lovin' feelin'
How I miss, holding you, touching you, having you
Like it used to be...
When you loved me.

Oh baby
Oh baby.
Why did you go?
Why did you go?
When you knew
Hmmm, mmmm
I needed you so
I needed you so.
Gave you my heart and my soul
Heart and soul!
You wanted diamonds and gold.

How I miss

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