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Drunkard's Blues

This song is by Bob Wills and appears on the compilation album San Antonio Rose (2000) by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.

Got the drunkard's blues

It was down at Big Joe's barroom on the corner beyond the square
Everybody drinkin' liquor the regular crowd was there
So I strolled out on the sidewalk began walking around
Looking everywhere for my baby but that sweet woman can't be found
It was down at St James infirmary I found my baby there
Stretched out on a long white table so cold so pale so fair
So I strolled back down to the barroom to get another drink of gin
The next thing you know I'm reeling rocking and drunk again
Sixteen coal black horses all hitched up in a line
In that pretty buggy she's ridin' goodbye ol' gal of mine
Walking slow to the graveyard I've lost everything I could lose
Now I've even lost my baby I guess I've got the drunker's blues


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