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Earth Angel (1990)Edit

The Penguins - Earth Angel
Earth Angel
  1. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
  2. I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
  3. No There Ain't No News Today
  4. Hey Senorita
  5. Kiss a Fool Goodbye
  6. Ookey Ook
  7. Love Will Make Your Mind Go WIld
  8. Baby Let's Make Some Love
  9. Lover or Fool
  10. Do Not Pretend
  11. If You're Mine
  12. Be My Lovin' Baby
  13. Cold Heart
  14. Sweet Love
  15. Let Me Make Up Your Mind
  16. Butterball
  17. Money Talks
  18. Heart of a Fool
  19. Want Me
  20. That's How Much I Need You
  21. You're an Angel

Best of the Penguins: The Mercury Years (1996)Edit

The Penguins - Best of The Penguins- The Mercury Years
Best of The Penguins: The Mercury Years
  1. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) (Version #1)
  2. Ookey Ook
  3. Love Will Make Yur Mind Go Wild
  4. Hey Senorita
  5. Don't Do It
  6. It Only Happens With You
  7. Walkin' Down Broadway
  8. Be Mine or Be a Fool
  9. My Troubles Are Not at an End
  10. Devil That I See
  11. Promises, Promises, Promises
  12. She's Gone, Gone
  13. Dealer of Dreams
  14. Ice
  15. Peace of Mind
  16. Cool Baby Cool
  17. A Christmas Prayer
  18. Jingle Jangle
  19. Will You Be Mine
  20. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) (Version #2)
  21. The Sound of Your Voice

Additional information

Artist information:


Years active:


Band members:
  • Cleveland Duncan
  • Curtis Williams
  • Dexter Tisby
  • Bruce Tate
Former members:
  • Randy Jones
  • Ray Brewster
  • Teddy Harper
  • Walter Saulsberry
  • Vesta King
  • Evelyn King
  • Vera Walker
  • Rudy Wilson
  • Glenn Madison
Record labels:

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