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This song is by The Parallel Project.

Time to move along, to stay alive
Another crowd to let you go away
Here, follow the way, never look back
You've taken more that ever wanted to

Every day in a distant place
Every time is an nameless fortune
Running away won't save your live
Standing up won't help you either

Every day is another lie
Every hour is a new emotion
Don't let 'em void till you decide
To give a second try to the wonder

And when the time is gone
Showing just reflections of the past
(Realize that everything is a dream)
No matter what the fate may bring you
Another day is lost, forbidden doors to cross are in the way
(Pick up the fragments of your life)
And try again to turn them into gold

Walk one step beyond
You search in vain
This only answer is what you're asking for
Take another step
Follow the trails
Led by a thousands ghosts an age ago

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