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If Nobody Moves Nobody Will Get Hurt (The Extinction)

This song is by The Paper Chase and appears on the album Someday This Could All Be Yours, Vol. 1 (2009).

No search party came so my nails grew and sharpened
They kicked at my cane it was like I never happened
Who will look after me? when I'm cursed just like a kennedy
As with billboards consume as with slogans on sweatshirts
If nobody moves nobody will get hurt
Our chest puffed proudly "us and the almighty must feed"
Committee were formed we save face we stay calm
We drilled our air holes cashed in out savings bonds
And we licked every nine volt that's inside our fire alarms
When your work here is done and fingers are calloused
Gather hair in a tiel let the sun hit your iris
We're animated meat accepting complete
The infidelity of the body

It's getting closer it's right around the corner
Something is coming for me
It's getting closer it's getting closer to me

Do you want this? you can have this
If it's something you need
Then stretch out your skeletons and grab it

We won't go in style but we'll go out in one piece
And honest to god he got rid of us easy
Our lumbering bodies that we have to feed
Put to bed take to the bathroom

And we spit shine our shoes and push down our cowlicks
And tailor our suits and suck in our stomachs
And try to ignore that we're all aboard the titanic
We'll keep making plans we gather we're grooming
We laugh and you think
You will feel as you know me
But know from the start that you're flying with amelia earhart
It's easier for me to just plain believe
We are not softened up by the morlocks
Try to ignore that we're all aboard the titanic

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