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Goddamn These Hands, I Let Them Touch You

This song is by The Paper Chase and appears on the album Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know (2000).

(Woman Talking on the Phone)
I didn't want to have to do this over the phone but um, things have been on my mind and I just really just need to tell you this now because I can't go on the way things have been going um, let me think I need some time to myself I think we shouldn't be together anymore, I think that um things just going in a vicious circle, we're not happy together, we're not getting along-oh shit, hold on...

Sorry, that was my other line, but anyways, um, yeah I think we should just concentrate on being friends and maybe our relationship will get better in the long run, I don't know but really I just think we should break things off, I really need some time to concentrate on myself... you gotta love yourself before you love anyone else. Um you know I'd like for us...

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