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This song is by The Pack A.D. and appears on the album Positive Thinking (2016).

Original video
I need you to be
The hero in need tonight
Meet me downtown
All the lights and sounds so bright

My battle prowess shines
In well-tailored attire
I'm evil as they come
At least more than a vampire

The sun settles down
And we go around again
It doesn't matter how
We could settle it now, the end

A little trap
I made it special for you
But if it worked
I'm not quite sure what I would do

It's the end of the show
Time to deal the final blow
Instead, I hold back
I don't attack because I know

I need you to give me
A reason to be bad
And if it means I lose
So be it, I'm glad

Written by:

Becky Black / Maya Miller