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It Never, Just Might

This song is by The Ocean Blue and appears on the album Davy Jones' Locker (2001).

You say your life's on loan
But you don't know who you loaned it to
You say you're all alone
And you can hardly sleep at night

You say you've been uptight
That you can't tell your left from right
You say you'll be alright
But your eyes betray your fright

You say it seems alright
And you always leave it at that
You say your life's on loan
But you can hardly give it away

You say your freedom's a kite
It never, just might
Sing sara sara
So a matter of fact
Just a shrug in a rug
Just sit back and relax
Coffee or tea
A plastic bag
Headphones are on
Shades are drawn
It never, just might

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