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Lord, I've Been Ready For Years

This song is by The Oak Ridge Boys and appears…

It could be that time will bring in me a change
When really and truly I stand
Viewing the waters so dark and so strange
That stretch to that promised land
It could be that I will leave crying in vain
As always succumbing to fears
But gladly today I would give up the strain
'Cause Lord I've been ready for years

Lord I've been ready been ready for years
I've stumbled through darkness and struggled through tears
Lord I've been ready for years

Narrow's the way that I know I must tread
Though I've often strayed from the road
A little ashamed of the life that I've lead
A little bit stooped from the load
Lord I'm not complaining, just thinking out loud
I'm thankful more than it appears
But if You should call me some day I'd be proud
'Cause Lord I've been ready for years