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Wasp Nest

This song is by The National and appears on the album Cherry Tree (2004).

You're cussing a storm in a cocktail dress
Your mother wore when she was young
Red sun saint around your neck
A wet martini in a paper cup

You're a wasp nest
You're a wasp nest

Your eyes are broken bottles
And I'm afraid to ask
And all your wrath and cutting beauty
You're poison in the pretty glass

You're a wasp nest
You're a wasp nest

You're all humming live wires
Under your killing clothes
Get over here, I wanna
Kiss your skinny throat

You're a wasp nest
You're a wasp nest

Written by:

Matt Berninger Wikipedia16, Aaron Dessner Wikipedia16, Bryce Dessner Wikipedia16, Bryan Devendorf Wikipedia16, Scott Devendorf Wikipedia16

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