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The Empty Experience

This song is by The Mr. T Experience and appears on the album Everybody's Entitled To Their Own Opinion (1986).

I want to be real cool
I don't want to follow the schedule
I want to eat my TV set
I want to smell like aqua net
I want to know the human race
I want to rub it all over my face

Life is such a fucking joke
I want to laugh until I choke
Thought I saw you when I closed my eyes
But it was just an order of fries
Thought I loved you yesterday
But it was just a TV tray

I want to meet the Aspirin lady
I want to talk to Peter Brady
I want to be on my own
I want to be fully grown
I want to be a celebrity
I want to be like Mr. T
Won't let people fuck with me
Every night on TV

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