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​Something Else

This song is by The Move and appears on the EP Something Else from the Move (1968) and on the 1998 reissue of Shazam (1970).

This song is a cover of "Somethin' Else" by ​Eddie Cochran.
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Somethin' Else
A look a-there
Here she comes
Here comes that girl again
Wanting to date her
Since I don't know when
But she don't notice me when I pass
She goes with all the guys from a-out of my class
But that ain't stopping me from thinking to myself
She's sure (good) looking man
She's something else

A look a- there
'Cross the street
There's a car made just for me
To own that car
Would be a luxury
But right now I can't afford the gas
A brand new convertible is out of my class
But that ain't stopping me from thinking to myself
That car's good looking man
It's something else

Hey look a-there
Just wait and see
Work hard and save my dough
I'll buy that car
I can roll up and show
Get me that girl and we'll go riding around
We'll look real sharp with a black top down
I keep right on a-dreaming and a-thinking to myself
When it all comes true man
She's something else

Look a-here
What's all this?
Never thought I do this before
But here I am a-knocking on her door
My car's out front and it's all mine
It's a (sixty-seven) job not a fifty nine
I got that girl and I'm a-thinking to myself
She's (good) looking man
She's something else