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This song is by The Most Serene Republic and appears on the album ...And The Ever Expanding Universe (2009).

Could you stop and take inhale, olfactory?
Accomplice to expression

It makes itself known
By a changing a tone
Invisible reminder
More's desired from the fizz of skin

It's umbra reminds me of past beliefs
And the holidays they had
Empiricism, why'd they not preach that?
So a magic training first
How's about the musk of your own deeds?

Oh, how much I want to of your smell
Dewness from the below, morning from the above
Too many developed from the eyes, ears
Touch and the taste, stories of the waste

The big secrets now
How we've lost and found
Something not quite said
Until everything's in bed


Written by:

Adrian Michael Jewett; Ryan Lenssen; David Stefan Newfeld

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